Saturday, 19 November 2011

"No Strings Attached".....painting step by step..

It's a beautiful sunshine morning and I'm waiting with camera in hand for the sun to shine through the window at just the right angle......
I'm thinking .....
I love the effect of light on different textiles and the way the shadows are thrown accross the room.

So I'm thinking of painting a composition consisting of a  chair,jacket and guitar. Yes...another Guitar! The one object I find  SO hard to paint! But it is the challenge to myself that spurs me on! So wish me luck and let the sun shine brightly!! :)
The "ingredients".....

The jacket
The chair
Jacket................+ Chair

The guitar
+ the dreaded guitar!!! :/
I have a nice blank wall where the sunlight streams through, an ideal place to set up my composition .
 I have taken some photos that have resulted in an interesting mix of soft shadows from the window and solid ones from the objects .
With canvas primed I'm now ready to start sketching :).................
Sketching out the still life composition
Working on a box canvas 20"x20"x1.5". I have transferred the picture using a simple grid.If the subject was floral or landscape I would draw it free hand, but as my concern is to get the angles and perspective right then it's better to make sure it's drawn to scale . I havn't worried about the finer detail as that will develop during the painting ....................

Painting in the background
2  coats on the background (no.3 round brush) has given me a nice solid colour to paint over. Started the carpet by stippling shades of brown in horizontal lines, using the paint straight from the tubes and an old no.1 brush.
Adding the SHADOWS.... I mixed white with Paynes grey for the shadows building up layers where needed....

Shadows added to the background
The brown reflected light and shadows of the objects were painted next......
The brown reflected light is put in
When dry I have underpainted the chair ready for the next step....
Under painting the wood of the chair

Layers of glazes painted with a very small brush (0.2) start to bring the chair to life :)..................
Thin layers of paint build up to bring the wood to life
Yay! Good painting day today! Chair done....cushion done....coat under way and guitar started..... now time to give my eyes a rest !
Work completed on the cushion and coat
Have now started the guitar!! In fact it's the second time I've started it! I knew I would have problems  I just have to remind myself that it's the reason I'm painting it . EH? good beating myself up about it I just had to start again  
Now back on track and half way there! Woo Hoo!................
Finishing off the guitar

"No Strings Attached" (Sold)
Acrylic on box canvas,20"x20"x1.5"
"No strings attached" Still life painting of a guitar. A moment in the life of a traveling musician

FEATURED in THE ARTIST magazine February 2012...