Friday, 2 October 2015

"Harvest time over Glynde" Painting the South Downs of Glynde and Beddingham

Views from Beddingham hill, East Sussex
As the Summer comes to a close the fields of the South Downs turn golden with crops  ready to harvest. My walk this time took me up Beddingham hill just south west of Lewes. The top of the hill was awash with wild flowers and grasses that seemed to dance in the breeze.
Looking north the view over the Sussex Weald  was stunning, with the village of Glynde nestled in the middle surrounded by the colourful patchwork harvest fields.
 It was just the view that I wanted to paint.....
                                     "Harvest time over Glynde"
                                  Acrylic on canvas 24"x 18"
Painting the view over the village of Glynde from Beddingham hill.
It reminded me of the commission work that I undertook earlier in the year for a lady in Cheshire. I don't often take on commissions but the subjects were so similar to my style that I couldn't resist....
Acrylic painting commissions "Cloud View" and "Upton Fold Farm"

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