Thursday, 26 November 2015

"Lunch in the Lanes" Painting The Lanes, Brighton

The Lanes, Brighton

I have decided to give myself a challenge and paint a Summer time scene from one of my visits to The Lanes in Brighton.
The Lanes  were once part of a small fishing village. Then the Victorians sought the therapeutic benefits of sea-water and the popularity of Brighton expanded into the town we know today .

There is an intricate maze of twisting alleyways, with a wonderful mix of history, shops,pubs and cafes. The atmosphere in the Summer sunshine is positively bubbling .
I have chosen a scene that contains many different elements , architecture, shops, cafe, trees and flowers...

Work in progress...
                                              "Lunch in the Lanes"
                                                    Acrylic on canvas 18"x 24"

Day 2 of painting The Lanes in Brighton
So far I have spent 13 hours on the composition. There are some awkward angles to get right and plenty of detail ahead. For now though I need to build up the base colours, it's time consuming but worth the effort !
Day 3 of painting The Lanes
 I am pleased to sat that I made good progress today. I've been flitting about painting a bit here and there and have made a good start on the foliage and flowers as well .
Day 4 and 5, starting to add the detail
 The weekend's progress has been much slower. I'm now working with very small brushes and gradually adding some of the detail. All going well so far and I'm enjoying painting process. It has a lot of different things in it which keeps me enthusiastic to add something new each day .

Well, with progress on the slow side I decided not to post  any more works in progress. It would be very boring to see so little change! It has taken a lot of work to complete but it has been fun !

                                            "Lunch in the Lanes"
"Lunch in the Lanes" Acrylic on canvas  (Brighton)
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