Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Art online

Today I enjoyed a wonderful walk in the sunshine along the promenade of Brighton and Hove.
 A colourful walk surrounded by smiling faces, crashing waves, ice cream and seagulls.
Another day could find me climbing the South Downs and delighting in the views ,
 that moment when you climb a hill, look around and just go "WOW !"
It's all about views that inspire, stories to create and moments to capture.
I love painting these scenes and I am always delighted when a buyer gets as much pleasure and enjoyment from them too. So often a recipient tells me that it looks "so much better in real life"  and they return for another and so their collection begins.
Now as many of you know I don't exhibit, the very thought sends me into a panic attack and to be honest in this day and age I just cannot see the benefit.
All my sales are made through online galleries or social media sites where my work can be seen by a much larger  audience than a high street gallery.
A potential customer can browse at leisure from the comfort of their own home and view far more artworks than they would see in a standard gallery or auction. 
The online galleries work well for me, they advertise well, payments are secured and there's always a returns policy if the customer is not satisfied. Many will also notify a previous buyer when a new work has been added.
My blog and social media are a great way to show works in progress, methods and techniques and answer questions along the way. I think this helps by building up a rapport with an interested client .
It's taken a while to build up an online presence but it has resulted in a good sales turnover for me. Today I sold "Bluebells and Brook "
  my 13th sale of the year and many works sell within the first week, even minutes of putting them online !
 I have found some wonderful like minded people along my way that are steadily building up a collection of my art and they eagerly keep a watch to see what's next.
Now that gets me thinking...
People buy my art because it's colourful, fun or reminds them of a specific place.
I love to paint these scenes because they're colourful, fun and reminds me of a specific place ,
I love the thought that they will brighten up someone's wall and make them smile.

 It makes me wonder how the famous artists of the past would feel to discover that a composition that they have put so much passion and emotion into is now hidden away in a dark vault somewhere  to be rarely viewed , just an investment . That to me is such a very sad thought .

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