Thursday, 22 August 2013

Painting "Sunflowers and Nasturtiums"

I have been busy in the garden this week. Tidying up, weeding and just soaking up the wonderful colours  and scents of  late Summer.
This year I grew some sunflowers, smaller than usual, about 2 ft in height and a selection of nasturtiums that meander through the foliage in a blaze of orange and red. They really light up the garden.
 I thought of how Van Gogh must have been enchanted by the bright, bold blooms of the sunflowers and how impossible it would be to let them fade away without painting them.
Well, I'm no Van Gogh but I'm going to paint them anyway!
 My version will include vivid red nasturtiums in a pretty painted jug.
Day one of my "Van Gogh" ears were harmed in the creation of this painting ;)

Starting to paint in the first layers of the sunflower composition
I had a busy day today but still managed to get a bit more painting done. I've been making a start on the shadows and darker areas which has already made a big difference.
Many layers of paint build up to give the depth of colour
Finally after many more hours of painting I have come to the end of my Van Gogh moment. I wonder if he would have approved of my efforts?
                           "Sunflowers and Nasturtiums"
                                                   Acrylic on box canvas 16"x 20"x 1.5"
Colourful still life featuring sunflowers and nasturtiums

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