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Wednesday 13 December 2017

"Autumn Mist"

Autumn mist
December has arrived. A month I struggle with. Short dark days when the sun is low and the long shadows fade away at noon. Dark days that combine my birthday and Christmas preparations. Days of hope and memories. Days of conflicting thoughts.
It's these days that I take the opportunity to get out early when the weather looks hopeful.
It was one of these days that took me out on a local walk from my village of Newick through the woods, along the river to Sheffield park.

The gardens at Sheffield park are wonderful but very formal, it's the surrounding parkland that inspires me the most.
On this particular day I headed out before sunrise .
 Arriving at the river's edge the early morning mist was highlighted by the rising sun as it shone on the Autumn colours of the trees along the river bank.
Just magical!

                                            "Autumn Mist"
                                  Acrylic on canvas
"Autumn Mist" Acrylic painting