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Friday 8 February 2019

Ashdown Forest painting

The sun going down over Ashdown Forest
It snowed! Nothing like the rest of the country had and most had melted by the following morning !
That's very typical for here and we probably won't see any more. Oh well, maybe next year.
As a compromise we went to Ashdown Forest in the hope of catching a good Winter sunset.
 There, to our surprise there were still patches of snow lingering on the high ground ....happy me!
The sunset turned out to be rather amazing as well....
Sunset over Ashdown Forest
 Just as the sun started to sink and before the sky turned red, there was a glow over the forest which to me seemed rather magical and a great scene for a painting ....

                                                     "Forest Glow" 
                                                    Acrylic on canvas 16" x 12" 
"Forest Glow" Painting of Ashdown Forest just before sunset
                                                  "As the sun prepares for bed,
                                                      before it's pillows turn blazing red .
                                                   There is a momentary glow,
                                                      on fiery gorse and Winter snow. "