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Saturday 13 October 2018

Balsdean. "The silence and the crow"

Back in the heat of the Summer I explored the paths between Kingston ridge and Rottingdean . A wonderful area, mostly agricultural and I was amazed that the farmers manage to plough and grow crops in such a flint filled area!
Flint on the South Downs
The paths twist and wind along the valley of Balsdean. It was once a small hamlet consisting of farms, manor house and chapel but in 1939 it was taken over by the MOD and the buildings were destroyed by being used for firing practice . It has an interesting history and you can find out more here

What struck me the most was as you enter the area you are overwhelmed by the sudden silence ! Just as if someone suddenly turned off the volume .
There's a few bits and pieces remaining of the lost village but on this day it was just me , beautiful scenery and the odd curious crow.....perfect!

                      "The silence and the crow" 
                               (  acrylic on canvas  )

"The silence and the crow" Acrylic painting on canvas