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Monday 21 May 2012

"Untold Stories" A still life painting collection of WW2 memorabelia. Hurricane and Spitfire painting

A small selection of  WW2 RAF memorabilia will be the subject of my next painting. They belonged to my partner's late father. The fact that these items had been kept and treasured made me realise that each one has it's own story to tell. Stories of life, laughter, sadness and comradery. Stories that will never be told as the narrator is no longer with us to relate them.  I wanted to put them together into a composition to give an extended life to these "Untold Stories" Acrylic.24"x 20"x 1.5"

Page 1......under painting the two hats and flight record book.

Sketched out and painting started on the RAF flying helmet and hat

Page 2..... Building up the layers on the leather flying hat.There are so many different tones and colours that it took about 6 hours to reach this stage.

Many colours are needed to get the old leather to look right

Page 3.....starting work on the hat and book meant I could leave the leather work to dry out for an extra day.                                                                                    

Starting to work on the texture of the book and hat

Page 4...building up the layers of paint, making a start on other areas and starting work on the detail. While one bit dries I'm able to work on another area It's now starting to come to life :)                                                                                                           

Adding the smaller details

The final page..................................                                                                                              

"Untold Stories"
24" x 20" x 1.5"
Acrylic on box canvas
WW2 still life painting

"Into the Blue"
Acrylic on box canvas
Painting of Spitfire and Hurricane