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Tuesday 13 February 2018

A light dusting of snow

Snow! We actually got snow!
I have to admit though it was only a tiny bit and it was all gone by mid day. was just enough to get out into the countryside and enjoy the views.
I set off to cover some of the footpaths in Chailey. There are some really nice walks and as the area is mostly agricultural it has a constantly changing landscape. It's also quite flat terrain and as I'm recovering from a cold it meant I didn't have to try and tackle any hills  ! 
I wished I had been feeling better though and able to venture up the South Downs as they looked rather splendid in the distance ..
Snow on the South Downs
So anyway, as I said, it wasn't much snow but just enough to enjoy and make the most of ...
A Winter walk around Chailey, East Sussex

I usually see deer around here and was surprised not to see any, just saw a few rabbits and pheasants that were far too quick for me to photograph! 
It was a good walk and opened up the opportunity for me to paint a snowy landscape at last!
                                               "A light dusting of snow"
                                               Acrylic on canvas 24" x 18"
"A light dusting of snow" Painting the snowy landscape of Chailey in East Sussex