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Thursday 13 June 2013

"Very Cherry Delight" Still life painting of cherries

No matter what the weather the first real signs of Summer are always the road side signs advertising "Fresh Cherries". It often seems that every lay by has it's own stand, adorned with a colourful sunshade and punnet upon punnet of fresh cherries.....yummy!
I've lived away from Sussex for 30 years and don't remember there being any cherry sellers before I moved,  Kent was always known for it's apples so I seem to be more aware of them where ever I go!Not only are they tasty but also colourful and a perfect subject for a still life painting.

                                               Acrylic on box canvas, 18"x 14"x 1.5"
                               "Very Cherry Delight"
Still life with cherries

                                 Work in progress....

Starting to paint in the cherries and scarf

                      3 cherries on a pretty Summer scarf. This painting will progress in layers as the colours of the scarf show through the weave of the top layer of fabric, the cherries will be several layers of reds, purples and black with highlighted reflections.
Adding more layers to the scarf
Done a little bit of everything today. First I added most of the weave lines then started to put in some shading on the fabric. More layers were added to the fruit and I've marked in where the highlights will go. Finally I put the first layers of paint on the stalks. Going to let it all dry overnight now.

The painting progresses and highlights are added

I've now nearly completed the scarf . More colour has been added to the stems of the fruit and I've started work on the reflections on the bottom of the cherries.
Painting in the reflections on the bottom of the cherries
All done....and very tasty they were too! :)

Wednesday 12 June 2013

"Downland Gold" Landscape painting of the yellow rapeseed fields of Sussex

At last we've had a few days of sunshine, so my sister and I have been out and about exploring the countryside around us.
 We have been following some of the footpaths in our local area which have led us to some delightful scenery and enabled me to take some wonderful reference photographs.
 The meadows are full of buttercups and the fields full of rapeseed crops, beautiful bright yellow everywhere! It's a good job I wore my sunglasses!

                                    "Downland Gold"
                               Acrylic on box canvas 20"x 16"x 1.5"
"Downland Gold" East Chiltington, Sussex

 I'm delighted that this painting has been chosen as Editors Choice in the September 2013 issue of The Leisure Painter magazine