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Thursday 6 December 2018

Grey skies and still life painting

The grey skies and dark Winter days have arrived and my walks are now few and far between .
I'm hoping for some good frosty mornings or maybe even snow but at the moment it just seems to rain .
So, I have decided to bide my time with a few still life paintings. It's been a long time since my last one and I have sooooo missed creating them!
Once I have an idea in my head it all turns into a fun quest to source the objects that I wish to put together to create the composition. Then there's the challenge of photographing them in different positions and light to discover the effect that I like the best.
Light, shadows, colour, reflections etc.
On a recent Autumn walk I collected a few  twigs ,berries and nuts and decided to put them together with a Ploughmans lunch. This of course required finishing off with a bottle of good ale.
Now , not being one to waste things I thought it only right that I should consume the food and drink the ale whilst still fresh....of course it was all in the name of art you know.
                                                 "The Ploughmans"
                                       Acrylic on canvas
"The Ploughmans" Autumn still life painting on canvas
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