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Wednesday 25 April 2012

"Red,White and Booze"...acrylic painting

With the Queen's 60th Jubilee approaching I have seen several paintings inspired by the event. All very commercial, stereotypical and quite boring!
A public holiday has been declared, a day for street parties, hog roasts and bonfires!
 So I have decided to paint my version of the celebrations, flags,beer, nibbles and wine! It may not be to everyone's taste but it will be to mine !
The beer I'm using is a delightful ale called "Spitfire", brewed in Kent by Shepherd and Neame Spitfire ale

"Red,White and Booze" Acrylic on box canvas, 24"x 20"x 1.5".. Enjoy......;)

Day 1, laying the table......
Working on the under painting

Day 2, starting the glass  work...
Painting in the glass and beer

Day 3, a bit of detail......                                                                                                           
Creating the detail that brings the picture to life

Day 4, adding the nibbles and glass....  (Not a very good photo as the weather's grim today and the light is bad :/ )                                                                             
Putting in the final details

...and finished! My tribute to the jubilee celebrations!!!!

"Red,White and Booze"
Acrylic on box canvas
24"x20"x1.5" (Sold)
"Red, White and Booze"

...and it won the "Best of British " competition!!!! :) view more...

Wow! I have just received the latest copy of the Artist and Illustrators magazine to find that my painting "He Loves Me, He loves Me Not" is the "Painting of the month" :) I'm delighted :))))
and as an added bonus I won a prize :)