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Tuesday 26 May 2015

"The Colours of May" Painting the countryside in the month of May

The month of May
Last week I took a lovely walk along the country lanes around our village in East Sussex. It was the first time I had been out for a couple of weeks and I was absolutely amazed by how much everything had grown!
The fields were a blaze of golden rapeseed crops that looked stunning, though I must confess that I can't stand the sickly smell of them!
The hedgerows at the moment are wonderful, as the bluebells fade away their place is taken by pretty Red Campions . Most striking of all though is the Cow Parsley, It's flowers seem to hover over the verges like a mist .
May has arrived in all it's glory!  I just had to get the paint brushes out.....

                                              "The Colours of May"
                                         Acrylic on canvas 

"The Colours of May"  Acrylic painting

Sunday 24 May 2015

"Wild Flowers at Beachy Head"

Beachy Head, East Sussex
After spending 2 weeks suffering from a cough and cold I couldn't wait to get out and about again.
Blue skies and sunshine meant perfect conditions for a trip to the coast.
We decided to visit Beachy Head on the East Sussex coast near Eastbourne.
 It's the first time we have been since the lighthouse has been repainted and it looks rather splendid now.
The cliffs are the highest in the UK reaching 530 ft above sea level which means that the views are stunning!
Taking a walk along the top took us past the Bomber command memorial which has recently been sited here. A very fitting tribute.
Bomber command memorial at Beachy Head , East Sussex
Walking further along I was delighted to see the amount of wild flowers that seem to thrive here. One bank was covered in cowslips and wild orchids , whilst the cliff edge was adorned with viper's bugloss, ox eye daisies , poppies, buttercups and more!
Goodness knows how they survive on the chalk slopes and in the sea winds.
 I decided to capture the flowers against the iconic backdrop of the cliffs and lighthouse.  So here is the result.....
                           "Wild Flowers at Beachy Head"

                                  Acrylic on canvas 16"x 20"
Painting of the "Wild Flowers at Beachy Head"

Close up of flowers

Close up of lighthouse

Wall view "Wild Flowers at Beachy Head" Acrylic painting

Tuesday 5 May 2015

Family and festivities

This week has been about painting gifts for my family.
I have the Naming Day of my youngest grandson coming up soon and thought it would be more personal to paint him a picture .
I rarely paint children but my grandchildren are the exception to my rule.
I hope that maybe one day, when I'm long gone, that he'll find it tucked away in the attic and think...
"Yay" My gran painted that for me"                                                                                                                                                                           "James"
                                                     Acrylic on canvas board 10"x 14"

Painting baby James

Next was something completely different. As I have mentioned before our family lived on various farms in Kent and Sussex.
My brother has fond memories of his farming days as a young teenager in the early 1960's and a love of the old tractors that he can remember driving on the South Downs.
With this in mind I was requested to paint one as a special birthday present from his wife.
At first I wasn't sure where or how I was going to get the right reference photos , then by chance I discovered that there was to be a vintage farm fair just 3 miles up the road from me!
It was a wonderful sunshine day and I was delighted to see a vast array of old farm machinery being displayed and demonstrated and I found exactly what I was looking for !
The background of the painting could be anywhere but it's actually the area where my brother lived at the time .
I am very happy to say that he loved the resulting surprise :)

                                                       "Travellin' Light"
Painting of an early 1960's  Nuffield tractor
Acrylic on canvas 24"x 18" 

      Looked good framed ....