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Saturday 14 October 2017

Painting the Autumn colours

Autumn has arrived and the trees seem to be changing a bit earlier this year.
October has been very mild so far with no sign yet of early frosts or gales.
I have lots of places near to where I live that are perfect for Autumn walks , especially in the early morning sunlight. A lovely combination of farmland and woods.
Last week I explored a couple of new paths around North Chailey . I walked into a field where a herd of deer were grazing but unfortunately they spotted me before I could photograph them !  I didn't have much luck with the pheasants either but I found some lovely views .
North Chailey
My route to me through the tree lined paths on the edge of Chailey common. The path gently twists and turns and the morning light made it just perfect!

                                                   "Autumn Arrival"
                                   Acrylic on canvas 18" x 24" 
"Autumn Arrival" Painting the Autumn colours of the Sussex countryside