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Monday 19 February 2024

 I feel like I'm sneaking in like a naughty child !  Ha ha! 

 I had hoped to start posting more reguarly this year but it just hasn't happened . Best intentions and all that.  

I'm blaming the weather, wet dreary weather, it makes it very hard to get out and about . The footpaths are flooded and so very muddy ! 

I've been relying on my reference photos from last year to keep me going with my paintings .  It's not a bad thing as it means I get to revisit the wonderful views and glorious sunshine of the South Downs and the footpaths around me .

The three paintings that I have completed so far this year
 I'm also busy planning new walks and places to explore .......I just need some sunshine !

Thursday 23 November 2023

 It was mid July ....then I blinked and it's now November ! Ha ha, I don't know what happened but the time has flown by ! So what have I been up to ?

Well, although the Summer started off well the weather soon turned rather dreary for the rest of it.

 My walks have been shorter this year and I decided to do more exploring of the access land on The South Downs .  It turned out to be a good idea as I've been able to view the surroundings from different angles and discover more wonderful scenes to paint.  

The Hawthorn berries especially looked good  , bright splashes of vivid red lighting up the grassy slopes  as in my painting below. 

 "Beacon Blaze"


Summer ended and Autumn opened it's door . This is the time when bonfire night celebrations start and also time to dress up and enjoy the fun !  My costume is a celebration of Autumn . It was all about experimenting with different fabrics and paints .  

It was a brilliant evening, our village always puts on an amazing event and it was good to be part of it  . If you wish to know more then you can find out here Newick Bonfire Society

Next I took part in the "anonymous heART" project.  This was an art auction to raise funds for heart research . I contributed two 7" x 5" paintings and raised £320 which I was delighted with .

 It's now mid November  and I've been out and about in the woods , exploring new  wonderful paths around mid Sussex
and  painting....of course  :) 

"November Sun " Acrylic on canvas 24" x 18"

Wednesday 19 July 2023

My next walk took me to Firle beacon which gave me views north over the Sussex weald and south towards the sea. For painting inspiration I was rather spoilt for choice! 

Views from Firle beacon

I have walked here many times but today I wanted to spend some time exploring the access land.  

I started at the car park, making my way through the cows that didn't seem to be bothered about anything much, they were just chilling out in the sunshine.

Then as I approached the beacon I spotted a Kestrel . I sat and watched it hover in the air for what seemed like ages before it swooped off down into the long grass way below . It's moments like this that I love about the South downs.

Reaching  the access land I discovered just how steep it was . It wasn't an easy walk but the views made it all worth while. In fact it was so steep that I had to hold on to tufts of grass to help me climb back up ! The older I get the steeper the hills get !  😂😆

I was glad to reach the gate at the top of the path . It's obviously not walked very often as I then had to beat my way through overgrown Gorse bushes and Stining nettles . I felt like the Indiana Jones of Sussex ! Ha ha!
It was all good though and my walk down to Firle was edged with beautiful Orchids .
I have several views to paint from this walk,  but I thought the first would have to be the stile that I struggled to get back from . It just  seemed to perfectly  capture my day .

                                                "The Path Less Trodden"

Painting of the view from Firle beacon . Acrylic on canvas

 Summer has arrived! The lush greens are starting to turn golden and the butterflies dance on the warm breeze from one flower to the next ....perfect, just perfect! 

My recent walks have taken me up on the  South Downs and the views have been stunning . 

The South Downs

 A sunshine day took me to Cuckmere Haven where I walked up over the downs on the  eastern side of the river.  I hadn't been to this part before and I wanted to see where the old church of Exceat once stood. I almost missed it among the long grass

The stone marking the place where the old church  of Excete once stood

It was a fabulous walk, blue skies,  sunshine  and the views were amazing.  

Cuckmere Haven

I reached the top of Haven Brow, which is the first of the Seven Sisters and decided it would be the perfect spot for lunch.

On top of The Seven Sisters

 As soon as I'd sat down a very cheeky Crow joined me and decided that I should share my sandwich with him . He knew when he was on to a good thing! 

After a while I continued on my walk , this meant heading back down hill. I had the choice of two paths,  I stupidly picked the steep one ! I will never EVER go down this path again! It was extremely steep and smooth. No where to safely get a good footing. I'm not good with heights so ended up bum shuffling my way down hill ! 🤣😂 But.....I made it! 😂😅

All in all it was a brilliant day and I couldn't wait to get painting one my favourite views of the day 

                                                     "Haven Views" 


Monday 12 June 2023

 Well, Spring became one very muddy walk after another and seemed to go on forever ! The Bluebell season came and went giving a much needed display of colour.

As the weather started to improve  I decided I would start exploring some of the higher paths. My first being a walk up Wolstonbury Hill. The cowslips adorned the slopes and the views were amazing . It was a raher slow walk though, the climb is very steep and not for the faint hearted ! 

Wolstonbury Hill
I made it  ! 


On top of Wolstonbury Hill

 Then, everything turned white. The Cow Parsley rose and  flowered and the Hawthorn trees surpassed themselves with more blossom than I've ever seen .  The South Downs were transformed into a superb landscape of lush greens and fresh white blossom. 

Under blue skies and sunshine I explored some paths around Sompting and Sullington in West Sussex was all rather wonderful :) 

 Sompting , Sussex

It was the view towards Cissbury Ring that really caught my eye and became my next painting ....

                                 "May Days and Chalk Ways "  Acrylic on canvas 24" x 20" 

Painting of the South Downs , Sompting, West Sussex

Thursday 9 March 2023

 Well I'm fed up with the dreary Winter weather so I've decided to fast forward to the Spring .  It's my favourite time of the year when the countryside  bursts into life and glorious colour! 

I've chosen a view from a lovely morning walk through a woodland in North Chailey near to where I live. 

"A beautiful Spring morning walk through the woods. The morning sun lights up the fresh green foliage on the trees whilst the path ahead is edged by the heavenly scent of bluebells ".

                                   "Through the Woodland Blue"  Acrylic on canvas 24" x 18"

 Painting in progress 

                          "Through the Woodland Blue"

 "Through the Woodland Blue"

Thursday 2 February 2023


So, where do I start with my paintings ? Well it all starts in the comfort of my home looking at maps of places that I'd like to explore . 

I look for places where I will get  good views or a selection of different things, woods, fields,ponds etc. I then work out the distance to avoid walking too far and also find where the bus stops are if I'm using public transport. Finally I go on Google maps and find the spots where my path crosses the road. I know that may sound a bit over the top but it really helps . Sometimes a path isn't very clearly marked and I end up in a different place than I expected. Recognising something from Google maps reassures me that I'm going the right way ! I also take a paper map with me, I know that there are many walking apps but messing about trying to look at a small screen really isn't my thing and some places you can't get a connection . A proper map is so much easier and gives a lot more detail. 

The next thing is checking the weather forecast. I don't mind a bit of rain or moody skies  but my paintings rely upon sunshine , shadows and clear views . In order to get good photographs the weather has to be good. (There are times when I'm out when the skies cloud over and my heart sinks)

I always work from my own photos. There are many artists that work from other peoples photos ( with consent from the photographer) but I think that the most important thing is about the composition, the person that took the photo creates that and working from someone elses picture means that the most creative part has already been done . I do understand though that not everyone can get out and about so I'm always happy if someone wishes to use photos from my walks

On my walks I take about 200 photos , if I'm lucky I will get just 2-3  that I think would be good to paint. Actually being at the places and soaking up the atmosphere is just so very inspiring ! I can take elements of things in the area and incorporate them into my artwork. Things like the wildlife and flowers .  

Finally I return home and eagerly look to see what I have managed to capture and the clarity of the photos. I can only paint what I can see and working in detail means that I need to see as many of the fiddly bit as possible ! 

I'm off now to put my walking boots on .....happy days !


Friday 30 December 2022


It appears that my desire to walk and paint is still stronger than to write about it ! Ha ha! Keeping up with my Blog has not been as often as I intended ! I think the problem is that the internet can be all too time consuming and before you know it you've lost half the day. 

Anyway, life is good and I've enjoyed many walks this year discovering new places and paths. 

I was sad to see the Summer end but waited eagerly for the Autumn colours to arrive. But it was a long wait and the trees were reluctant this year to change and drop their leaves. It resulted in just small patches of colour over a long period of time.  I searched various paths looking for areas where the low sunlight broke through the trees. It was not as easy to find such places as I had hoped. I discovered some wonderful woods and  found the perfect bridleway not far from my home ....

Along the Woodland Path

The Woodland Pond

The Autumn Bridleway

December arrived and still many of the leaves hung onto the trees . This turned out to be to my advantage . 

Over the past few years here in mid Sussex the Winters have been bleak and dreary . Barely any frost and only a wish for snow. Imagine my delight this year when snow arrived and turned my surroundings into a Winter Wonderland ! Just wonderful ! 

Snow in Sussex !!!!

The colours of the trees almost glowed and looked stunning . I've only ever painted 4 snowy landscapes so I've been delighted this year to have the chance to take on the challenge and I've loved every moment of it :) 

                                              "Woodland Winter " 

                           Acrylic on canvas 24" x 18"  

Painting of the snow covered woods at Danehill, Sussex


Sunday 14 August 2022

 August brings with it another heatwave, it's just far too hot for me to go walking .

  The land is so scorched and dry ! I feel I should be stocking up on shades of brown paint :(  

Thankfully I'm well stocked up with reference photos to keep me going. I've been busy painting a scene from my walk over the South Downs near Alfriston. It was such a lovely day , the views over the Sussex weald and the downs were amazing!  

                                            "Summer Days and Pathways" 

Painting of the view from my walk near Alfriston.



Another of my wonderful walks was around Pycombe. I took a circular walk from the Jack and Jill pub at Clayton which took me past Wolstonbury Hill to Pycombe where I joined the South Downs Way. It was yet another hot day and I have to admit that it felt like a long trudge to get to the top of  West Hill !

 I was glad to take a break at the top  where I was greeted by the stunning views that seemed to go on forever!  To the south was the distant sea .....

View towards the sea from West Hill at Pycombe, Sussex 

...and to the West I found myself looking towards Devil's Dyke and beyond ! It really did take your breath away! Such a  perfect view to paint ......

                                                        "Westward Bound" 

                                                          Acrylic on canvas 24" x 18" 


Tuesday 26 July 2022

 Well, the Uckfield Art Fair went well . I sold 2 paintings and met lots of new people as well as catching up with some old friends. 

My paintings on display at the Art Fair

Since then I've been making the most of the Summer weather and going on lots of wonderful walks . They have taken me over the South Downs and to the beaches of Sussex . 

If you would like to see more from my walks please take a look at my walking page on Facebook  

Footpaths and Photos

I've also been busy painting although that wasn't easy in the heatwave! The paint was drying on my brush before I could get it on to the canvas! I got there in the end though  ....

 "Beach Gardens" (Bulverhythe) and "The Trough on the Brow"  (Itford hill near Lewes) 

As July draws to a close I wonder what August will bring ?

Monday 27 June 2022

 It's been a rather busy time lately just catching up with everything ! Summer has arrived and I've been out and about making the most of the wonderful weather. 

But this Friday and Saturday I shall be exhibiting at the Uckfield Art Fair . If you're local then do pop in  we'd love to see you.   The Artists

Friday 6 May 2022


Oh my! It's been such a long time since I updated this blog! I decided to wait until life seemed to be back to normal . Whatever that is! 

I thought it would be  nice to resume things in the Bluebell season. After the gloomy Winter months the countryside has woken up and looks superb!  

My recent walks have taken me along some wonderful paths around Barcombe, Lindfield , Danehill and Plumpton. Below are a few photos from those places. If you would like to see more please visit my walking page on Facebook  "My Inspiring Walks "

Photos from my recent walks

My plan this year is to make the most of the sunshine days and try to explore as many paths as I can . 

I'm a bit limited at the moment as I'm recovering from a fractured ankle that seems to be taking forever to heal. But I'm managing 5 mile walks and that'll do me just fine .

I've also been busy painting....of course!  

Here is a selection of my recent works 

A selection of my recent paintings

Well, I know this is rather a short post after such a long time..... but it's a start !

 It's also a lovely day and I'm getting very distracted by the sunshine is good 😎