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Friday 6 May 2022


Oh my! It's been such a long time since I updated this blog! I decided to wait until life seemed to be back to normal . Whatever that is! 

I thought it would be  nice to resume things in the Bluebell season. After the gloomy Winter months the countryside has woken up and looks superb!  

My recent walks have taken me along some wonderful paths around Barcombe, Lindfield , Danehill and Plumpton. Below are a few photos from those places. If you would like to see more please visit my walking page on Facebook  "My Inspiring Walks "

Photos from my recent walks

My plan this year is to make the most of the sunshine days and try to explore as many paths as I can . 

I'm a bit limited at the moment as I'm recovering from a fractured ankle that seems to be taking forever to heal. But I'm managing 5 mile walks and that'll do me just fine .

I've also been busy painting....of course!  

Here is a selection of my recent works 

A selection of my recent paintings

Well, I know this is rather a short post after such a long time..... but it's a start !

 It's also a lovely day and I'm getting very distracted by the sunshine is good 😎