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Sunday 26 January 2014

Features, foul weather and Valentine's...

January is coming to an end and still the weather is grim! It's really frustrating as I would love to paint some more landscapes but the rain and wind do not make a good mixture for photography.
I've been out and about around the village outskirts but it's just so wet and muddy...
I discovered an old abandoned farm that's full of charm and character. Unfortunately I can't explore it as it's on private land, but maybe I will return to it in the Summertime and see it in a better light.
The storms have brought so many trees down that parts of the wood look like some sort of Jurassic landscape, it's such a shame but I'm sure new growth will soon arrive and the next generation will be able to enjoy the woodland that I have got to know over the past 5 years here in Newick.
Sometimes on my walks I discover the most unlikely things, twice last week I found myself having to look twice. Firstly I spotted 7 goldfish in a small, fast flowing country stream, they looked liked they were having a wonderful time! I guess that the recent downpours have caused someone's pond to flood and overflow resulting in the liberation of their fish.
My next surprise was during a frosty morning walk along the old disused railway line. As I turned the corner I came upon a very large and very hairy camel! I certainly wasn't expecting to see that ! Apparently his origins were from Mongolia so he didn't mind our cold wet weather. I have to say he was rather handsome in his own way.....
But not quite my ideal painting subject !
Going back to the subject of painting I have had a good January, starting off with the Artist and Illustrator magazine choosing  "Swanning around" as part of their January online exhibition .
"Swanning Around" Painting the swans on Piltdown pond

Secondly the Printers Inc ran a feature on me for their blog Behind the easel which was fun to take part in . I have several artworks available from them as canvas or photo prints!buy-prints-and-posters

Then finally and most excitingly was Daler Rowney inviting me to be a featured artist on their website. I am really pleased to have been asked and to discover how much they like my paintings.
All my work is created with their System 3 acrylics so it's a very apt place for me to be seen :)
Daler Rowney featured artist

In the mean time I have been having a little fun , with Valentine's day fast approaching I thought I would be a little romantic, 8"x 8" to be precise ....
                                                        "Love Buttons"
                                                       Acrylic on canvas board
Still life made with love and buttons

I have also just started a similar painting but on a slightly bigger canvas so watch this space :)
.....and here it is..
                                                     "Button Love"
                                           Acrylic on box canvas 16"x 12"x 1.5"
"Button Love" fun still life


Monday 20 January 2014

"Any Port in a Storm" Fun still life painting

When Winter brings the rain, hail, gales, flooding and power cuts, the only thing to do is pour yourself a drink, relax and wait for the storms to pass. As the weather has been so awful recently I thought I would have a bit of fun with this still life painting....

                              "Any Port in a Storm"
                                              Acrylic on box canvas 24"x 18"x 1.5"
"Any Port in a Storm" Acrylic still life


Monday 13 January 2014

"Days on The Stade" Painting the fishing boats on Hastings beach

Fresh fish for sale on The Stade, Hastings
At last the storms and gales seem to have gone! We've had some awful weather which caused so much damage , especially along the coast. The local news showed a video of part of the rock face at Hastings crumbling away into the sea.
 It reminded of the lovely day we spent there last year among the historic buildings and watching the mischievous seagulls gathering around the colourful fishing boats on  The Stade
I thought I would paint them again , this time on a bigger canvas,  something to brighten up the dull Winter days....

                               "Days on The Stade"
Painting the colourful boats on The Stade at Hastings

"Days on The Stade"
                                               Acrylic on box canvas 24"x 18"x 1.5"
More fishing boats of Hastings here