Sussex paintings for sale

Friday 26 June 2015

"Buttercups and Brooks" (Rodmell and Lewes, East Sussex)

Lewes Brooks
In the middle of the South Downs on the south side of Lewes is a flood plain where the River Ouse takes it's last journey before reaching the sea at Newhaven.
The River Ouse and Mount Caburn in the background

The area is made up of fields and drainage brooks and is a haven for wild birds.

To the west the picturesque villages of Iford, Rodmell and Southease are nestled at the base of the Downs with their chocolate box houses and narrow country lanes.

Iford and Rodmell
 I left Rodmell and walked along a chalk track heading towards the river, June brings the fields alive with a multitude of golden buttercups set off by the vertical reeds and grasses that line the brooks.
It looked so pretty in the sunshine!  Looking back at the village all you could see were a few roof tops and a glimpse of the church. A lovely composition to paint.

                                          "Buttercups and Brooks"
                                            Acrylic on box canvas 12"x 16"x 1.5"
"Buttercups and Brooks" Acrylic painting of Rodmell and Lewes brooks

 On my last visit to this area I painted Southease as seen from Itford Hill....
"Summer over Southease"

Monday 22 June 2015

"Gulls and Groynes"

Cliffs and beach at Seaford in East Sussex
On my recent trip to Seaford I spent a while watching the seagulls on the cliffs and beach. I could spend hours watching them swoop and soar over the waves, even if they are rather noisy at times!
 It always amuses me the way that they each sit on top of the groyne posts as if they were put there specifically for them !
Seagulls on the groynes
 With the sunshine on the water and the gentle splashing and crashing of the waves it was picture perfect!
                                         "Gulls and Groynes"
                                 Acrylic on canvas 20"x 16" 
"Gulls and Groynes" Acrylic painting on canvas
....and further up the beach "Beach huts and boats"

Saturday 13 June 2015

"Sea breeze over Seven Sisters" Acrylic painting on canvas

The Seven Sisters
There is one place that I never tire of visiting or painting and that is the wonderful Seven Sisters cliffs on the East Sussex coast.
As I mentioned in my last post the walk up Seaford Head leads you to the amazing views of the cliffs ahead.
The Seven Sisters from Hope Gap
The valleys in between the cliff tops are the "Sisters" and each brow has a name....
 I have painted these cliffs several times, each from a different angle...
Some of my paintings of The Seven Sisters at Cuckmere Haven
If you have Chromecast TV then you may have seen my previous one pop up on your screen now and then !
"Seven Sisters Summer"  Acrylic on canvas (Sold)
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This time I wanted to paint the view that greets you on the walk over the cliff tops from Seaford Head. It's a scene that just takes your breath away!
 In the Summer sunshine the chalk white cliffs look  magnificent against the blue skies and calm sea water.
 The colourful selection of wild flowers add to the overall beauty.
Wildflowers on the cliff tops
                           "Sea breeze over Seven Sisters"
                                                              Acrylic on canvas

"Sea breeze over Seven Sisters" Acrylic on canvas 

Close up view

Wall view

Thursday 11 June 2015

Seaford beach "Beach Huts and Boats"

Seaford beach, East Sussex
It's been rather a hectic week , the long awaited Summer has arrived and brought with it 5 painting sales and a trip to the seaside .
Seaford is one of my nearest beaches, as the crow flies , or perhaps I should say as the seagull flies , it's about 15 miles away from my home.
I like Seaford, I was often taken there as a young child. It's very tranquil, unlike Brighton just along the coast.
It also has a lot to see, to the east are the cliffs of Seaford Head where you can walk along the cliff top path to the Seven Sisters.
The Seven Sisters

Seaford Head is also where you will find the Kittiwakes nesting, it can get very noisey!
To the west is the busy harbour of Newhaven where the cross channel ferry departs
Ferry leaving Newhaven harbour
In between is Seaford beach,( a man made beach that has to be replenished after bad weather
There's a Martello tower that is now used as a museum , a small selection of fishing boats and a colourful row of beach huts. All in all there's something for everyone!
I spent a lovely morning exploring the beach and couldn't wait to get home and start painting !

                                        "Beach Huts and Boats"
                                 Acrylic on canvas 20"x 16"
"Beach Huts and Boats" Painting of Seaford beach, East Sussex