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Friday 10 November 2017

"Autumn Flow" Painting the Autumn colours

I set off recently in search of Autumn scenes to paint. I was looking for something a bit different .
Although my walk was local I planned a 6 mile route that took me along new paths . It started at the foot of the South Downs at Plumpton Agricultural college and took me north to Chailey Green.
It was a lovely morning where pockets of frost lingered in the shade.
Views from Plumpton to Chailey 
The trees were in their beautiful Autumn colours and my walk embraced the Sussex countryside with every step .
 Heading towards Chailey my path led me through  fields of pheasants into a copse where I could hear the magical sound of trickling water .
Ahead I spotted a stream among some trees. On closer investigation I saw some wild deer drinking from the waters. Unfortunately (as usual) they spotted me before I could get a photograph!
It was a wonderful scene, leaves falling into the water, twisting and twirling like jewels in the sunlight.
There was no choice but to walk into the stream and capture the moment....then to return home and capture it on canvas....I hope you like it :)
                                                 "Autumn Flow" 
                                                    Acrylic on canvas 18" x  24"
"Autumn Flow" Painting the Autumn colours at Chailey, Sussex