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Tuesday 23 December 2014

"Cupcake Temptation" Colourful still life painting featuring cupcakes

 It's nearly Christmas  so I've been busy baking.
I  don't enjoy cooking but on special occasions I will brave it into the kitchen and attempt to create  something yummy. Cupcakes are easy and fun which means they are a good option for me.
I am pleased to say that they turned out rather scrummy,
the only problem being was not to eat them all !
So much temptation on a plate!
I decided the best way to resist was to use the last one in a still life composition. I found a nice selection of items that I thought would look good together and so the painting was started ....
"Cupcake Temptation" work in progress

I slightly altered the colours to avoid too much white in the background as I wanted a stronger contrast. I'm happy with the result and I now have a cupcake that's non fattening and calorie free! ;)

                                 "Cupcake Temptation"
                                                     Acrylic on standard canvas 18"x 24"
"Cupcake Temptation" Acrylic still life painting with cake