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Friday 20 April 2018

" From Caburn to Canopy"

Goodness! What a busy few weeks it's been!

I have been working on a commission which is top secret until the end of the Summer but I can tell you that it's sport related.
 Whilst painting it I was reminded of a delightful Summer walk I took up to the top of Mount Caburn on the outskirts of Lewes.
In June and July the slopes come alive with a mass of wild flowers and butterflies.
 From the top,  the views over the South Downs , Lewes Brooks and the River Ouse are just stunning!!!!
Views from mount Caburn
It's a very popular place for paragliding, the skies are often dotted with bright coloured canopies soaring and swooping in the breeze.
On this particular walk I stopped to watch,  envious of their flight of freedom above the Sussex countryside.
This was a perfect picture and a perfect subject to paint ...
                                             "From Caburn to Canopy" 
"From Caburn to Canopy" Painting of paragliding off Mount Caburn in Lewes, Sussex
 So, this is what I've been painting.
 On the other hand I've been re-landscaping parts of our garden. Laying new paths and tidying borders. Unfortunately this caused a trapped nerve in my neck which caused constant numbness in my right hand...the hand I paint with! Grrrr! Painting has NOT been easy! 
Now an unexpected heatwave has arrived :) 
In the mean time.....
The trees are turning green, the Bluebells are in flower and the Rapeseed fields are rapidly turning bright yellow! 
I am busy planning walks for next this space!