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Sunday 28 January 2018

Blue skies and sunshine ...

2018 and January is almost over! I can't believe how quickly it has gone by. I've been patiently waiting for some good weather but the days have been mainly grey and bleak !
With the ground so wet and muddy I havn't been out much....oh how I miss the Summer!
When the sun does come out it sits low in the sky and poor light just isn't good for my style of painting.
I therefor decided to beat the Winter blues by revisiting some of my favourite walks from last year. Days of blue skies and sunshine .....
The first comes from an early Spring walk around North Chailey and Sheffield Park.
The rising sun lit up the woodland the scent of bluebells filled the air!
                                        " One Spring Morning" 
"One Spring Morning" Painting of the Springtime bluebell woods 
 My other painting for January is from one of my walks along The South Downs Way, just north of Southease in East Sussex. 
I love the way that the wild flowers flourish and sway in the breeze along the edge of the patchwork fields .
                                       "Wild Along The Way" 
"Wild along The Way" Summer painting of the South Downs Way
So farewell January....It's been great to share the memories of last year but I look forward to exploring new paths and inspiring places .