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Saturday 23 September 2017

"Summer Days and Water Ways" The Wey and Arun Canal

The Wey and Arun Canal, Loxwood, Sussex
It's been a busy month as Summer rolls out and commissions roll in.  I don't often take on commissions but sometimes the subject is so suited to me that I can't resist!

In between, my daydreams have happily taken me back to  sunshine days and lazy river walks .
 Earlier in the year we visited the Wey and Arun canal at Loxwood in West Sussex.
It is I believe the only canal in Sussex and is now a restoration project offering boat trips .
 We took a lovely afternoon stroll from The Onslow Arms along the water's edge  .
On the way we stopped to watch one of the barges being navigated through the lock , a sight not often seen around this part of the country !
All in all it was a perfect Summer scene , bright sun and cool greens....and of course...just wonderful to paint!

                                   "Summer Days and Water ways" 
                                                      Acrylic on canvas 18 x 24"  
"Summer Days and Water Ways" Painting of the Wey and arun canal

Sunday 3 September 2017

"Goring-by-Sea" and commission painting

Goring-by-Sea,West Sussex
Good grief ! Where did August go? It seems to have gone so quickly and now we're sadly at the end of the Summer !
It's been a busy month. I don't often take on commissions as they can be restrictive but I received a request that was of a local scene from Burgess Hill and I couldn't resist the challenge!
The painting includes a waterfall, something that I havn't done before.
It's an enchanting view that  that made me think of the wonderful art of Arthur Rackham
Arthur Rackham

  Situated in a rather shady area meant that it wasn't easy to see the detail of some areas but all in all I was happy with the result.....
                                           "Down by the Witch's Den" 
"Down by the Witch's Den" Acrylic on canvas 
After so much green I decided to head back to the seaside for my next painting. This time the subject was a splendid blue fishing boat close to the beach huts at Goring-by-sea in West Sussex.
It's a scene that I was looking forward to painting, that is until the hot weather arrived!
With paint drying so quickly it became harder and harder to put in the details .
I was getting up before the birds just to make progress !  I eventually managed to complete it but every time I look at it I remember how much of a task it became so it's perhaps not my most favourite painting at the moment.....

Painting of the fishing boat and beach huts at Goring-by-Sea, West Sussex