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Saturday 27 July 2013

"The Royal Oak", painting the pubs of Newick village

I live in the village of Newick, East Sussex. A pretty little village that has changed very little over the years.
There are 3 pubs here, The Royal Oak, The Bull Inn and The Crown, each very different in style and all very popular. ( The 4th pub, The Bricklayers Arms has been demolished in my absence )
The Bull Inn is situated in the middle of the village green. Built in 1510 it is said to have been used as a resting place for the pilgrims .
I painted it a couple of years ago, the brickwork was a nightmare and it took quite some time to  complete....          
 My memories...dipping hessian wrapped torches in paraffin around the back of the building, in preparation for bonfire night.
                                                      "Inn on the Green"

The Bull Inn, Newick,Sussex

Just up the road is The Royal Oak . A 16th century building that was once a manor house. This will be my new subject to paint. It's changed very little since this old postcard from 1911.
My induction into the world of beers, wines and spirits! 15 years of age with a half pint glass full of cider and the best ever ploughman's lunch. Large lumps of cheese, butter and pickle with a wedge of  bread torn from a freshly baked cob loaf from the local bakery ....mmmmm :)
It's quite an awkward building to paint. Sittting on the edge of a narrow road opposite some cottages means it's not possible to get a full frontal view.
Today I managed to get it all sketched out and I've painted in the trees of the background.

Day 2....just a couple of hours painting today but I have started work on the weather boards and added some basic under painting....progress has begun! 

Day 3...Painted most of the roof and chimneys today. I've also started on the fiddly little bits, it's very tiring on the eyes but I enjoy putting in the details.It's starting to look more colourful now .

Day 4... added lots of bits and pieces  today and started work on the right hand side of the building. The weather's pretty grim, raining again, so not a very good photo ...

Day 5... finally I've painted in the last details and the shading. All  I need to do now is go and test out their beer :)
"The Royal Oak" (Newick, East Sussex)
Acrylic on stretched canvas 23"x 16"x .5"
The Royal Oak, Newick, Sussex


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Tuesday 23 July 2013

" Summertime Downs" Landscape painting of Beddingham and Mount Caburn, Sussex

This Summer my sister and I have been out and about on various walks. The locations depend on the weather and how clear the view is so that I can get the best photos.
A couple of weeks ago we made the most of the wonderful sunshine and went up to the top of Beddingham  Hill, Sussex. The views were stunning ! From Mount Caburn,  to Lewes and the sea at Newhaven.
The view from Beddingham Hill looking north towards Lewes on the left
It's often so windy up on the South Downs that it's hard to hold the camera still enough to take good photos, but this day was perfect! I now have so many that I'm spoilt for choice as to which view I will paint first.
The wonderful chalk paths, part of the South Downs Way

I love the chalk tracks against the patchwork fields, a never ending path of The South Downs Way and the views go on for ever!
Looking out to sea over Newhaven and fields of red poppies.
For my first painting of the area I have decided on the little picturesque village of Beddingham that sits at the foot of Mount Caburn.
 A scattering of houses and farms nestled among the hills where artists such as Eric Ravilious would stay and delight in the surrounding and inspirational views.
"Furlongs" by Eric Ravilious

On the top of the 480 ft Mount Caburn is an Iron Age fort and is regularly seen among a multitude of colourful hang gliders soaring on the breeze.
Both the village and Mount Caburn make a wonderful subject for my painting..              

"Summertime Downs"
Acrylic on box canvas 20"x 16"x 1.5" 
looking over the village of Beddingham towards Mount Caburn

 Here are a couple of links if you would like to know more about Eric Ravilious and the Beddingham artists

Tuesday 2 July 2013

"Playtime" Painting children

This week I thought I would give myself  a fun challenge !
When you're only 3 years old there are certain things in life that are very important to you...
Pink...all clothing must be pink including your scarf and mittens.
Your favourite character, Peppa Pig must be on everything!
Your shoes must have little heart shaped lights that shine when you walk and of course you really must wear your Mickey Mouse bike helmet!
Now your ready......
                        Acrylic on stretched canvas 14"x 18" 

"Playtime" Fun painting of a toddler

Here's another little girl I spotted whilst out and about. I loved her Summer hat with the big daisy on the side, perhaps that was her name, I shall never know but I like to think so :)
                                                    Acrylic on box canvas 14"x18"x1.5"
"Daisey"  Painting of young child


I've just written a short article about my still life paintings for the Art2Arts website, if you would like to know more about the inspiration and the initial process of my work please take a look :)