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Wednesday 9 August 2017

"Over The Seven Sisters"

The Seven Sisters ,East Sussex
The Seven Sisters are one of the most iconic and picturesque places in the UK and I am very fortunate to live so near to them.
The views are stunning and never cease to take my breath away!
This Summer we set off to the middle part of the cliffs at Crowlink near Friston.
My sister and I headed across the sheep fields to Flagstaff Brow to the monument .
 Here the rich green slopes are lit up by the beautiful vivid blue flowers of Vipers Bugloss.
Crowlink on the Seven Sisters
 Blue skies and sea go on forever, edged by the pure white chalk cliffs ...perfect!
 Walking the South Downs Way takes you along theses cliff tops where the view east overlooks the cottages at Birling Gap and the Belle Tout lighthouse,  proudly standing on the cliff tops in the hazy distance.
How could I resist?

                                            "Over The Seven Sisters" 
                                              Acrylic on box  canvas 24"x 12" x 1.5" 
"Over The Seven Sisters" acrylic painting