Sunday, 9 February 2014

Painting the "Sussex Sea" . Birling Gap, East Sussex

Birling Gap, East Sussex
I've been watching how our stormy Winter weather has been having such a dramatic effect on our coastline. So many landmarks have been destroyed or damaged by the severe wind and rain.
The constant onslaught of the sea and it's relentless waves have been changing the shape of our beaches.
Cornwall and Devon have had the worst but here too in East Sussex we have not escaped the storms and there have been several landslides on the cliffs where in just a few seconds they crumble away into the sea.
One such place is Birling Gap on the South Downs. Since Christmas there have been two 9ft landslides, the first bringing the old cottages on the top of the cliff even closer to the edge!
The cottages at Birling Gap

I remembered when we went there on New Years Day last year. It was a beautiful day with bright sunshine that made the chalk white cliffs of the Seven Sisters almost glow! Several people were there indulging in their New Year swim , a tradition I hasten to add that you won't find me taking part in! Brrrrrrr!
Anyway, with the recent events and my memories I thought I would paint a picture of a more colourful and less destructive time. I have chosen the view from the beach looking towards the cliffs of Seaford Head.
                                                               "Sussex Sea"
                                                     Acrylic on box canvas 18"x 24" x1.5"
The view of Seaford Head from Birling Gap

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