Wednesday, 16 April 2014

"Blackcap" Walking and painting the South Downs of Sussex

Blackcap on the South Downs
Spring has arrived!
 At last we have some good weather days to be able to go exploring again.
I chose a good clear day and decided I would take a walk along the South Downs just west of Lewes.
Starting at Offham I headed west over Mount Harry and on to  Blackcap, at 676ft this was a very steep walk!
 It was all worth it as the views were stunning. You get glimpses through the valleys of the coast to the south and wonderful panoramic views of the Sussex Weald to the north.
At the top is a small wooded area planted to commemorate the Queen's coronation...
Commemorative stone at Blackcap

At this time of year the fields below are a dazzling patchwork of fresh greens and bright yellow crops of rape which look just amazing in the sunshine...
Rape crops in the Sussex Weald
 The next part of my journey was all down hill....a very long way down hill !
 It was the part I enjoyed the most.
 A well walked chalk path twisting and turning down the steep slopes of the South Downs as if it would go on forever!
The chalk track down Blackcap

It was the view from the bottom of this track that inspired my painting.
 Views of the Sussex Weald, rape crops and the chalk path...Spring has definitely arrived!
                                    "Blackcap Down"
                                                Acrylic on box canvas 18"x 24"x1.5"
The view from the path coming down from Blackcap

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