Tuesday, 13 May 2014

"Bluebells at Birling Gap" Painting the coastguard cottages at Birling Gap

Birling Gap on the Sussex coast 2014
Birling Gap is situated at the western edge of the Seven Sisters cliffs on the East Sussex coast.
The coastguard cottages are a well known land mark that are gradually being destroyed by erosion. The cliffs have dramatically changed over the years as the pictures below illustrate.
Erosion of the cliffs at Birling Gap
The severe storms of last Winter caused such extensive damage that the end cottage has had to be demolished as it was now unsafe.
Cottage before demolition February 2014
It's such a picturesque location that it seems rather sad to see it gradually falling apart.
On our recent visit I was surprised and delighted to see that on the cliff top grew large areas of bright bluebells. Swaying in the breeze as if  imitating the gentle waves of the sea.
. It seemed a fitting subject to paint, as one day it will be gone.....
Work in progress..
                                        "Bluebells at Birling Gap"
                                           Acrylic on box canvas 20"x 16"x 1.5" 
The picture has been sketched out, under painted and work has begun on the cliffs, sea and background 
Work in progress, painting the cottages at Birling gap
Most of today's progress was on the cottages, they're not finished yet but they are well on their way!
Painting in the cottages
Finally the foliage and bluebells fill the foreground like scented sea waves and now it's all finished .
                                          "Bluebells at Birling Gap"
Bluebells at Birling Gap

The bluebells this year have been wonderful my local woods have been a delight to walk through, Scented blue carpets and sunshine!



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