Saturday, 10 May 2014

"Fresh Fish and Seagulls" Fourth painting of the boats on The Stade, Hastings, East Sussex

Fishing boats on The Stade at Hastings, East Sussex
I decided to visit  Hastings again. I've already painted 3 pictures of the boats but couldn't resist another as it's definitely one of my favourite places along the Sussex coast.
The fishing fleet of 25 boats is the largest beach fleet in the country and they are  wonderful subjects for  painting! Colour, detail, history, character....Hastings beach has it all!
It was a lovely sunny day so I caught the train from Lewes and set off with camera in hand.
I spent 2 hours just wandering around the Stade ,soaking up the atmosphere and taking loads of photos of the boats. I also found a friendly fisherman selling the morning's catch from his hut.
Selling fresh fish at Hastings
I had a delightful day and I returned home full of eagerness to get painting.
"Bethan Louise" is the boat I have chosen . I watched it's fishermen for ages,whilst busy working they were throwing scraps of fresh fish onto the beach. This resulted in a frenzied and very noisy attack from masses of seagulls, all desperately trying to get the best bits. The whole scene was so typical of the area that I thought it would make a good composition for my painting...
                              "Fresh Fish and Seagulls"
                                                 Acrylic on box canvas 18"x 24"x 1.5"
Painting of a fishing boat at the Stade, Hastings

"Fresh Fish and Seagulls" Close up and wall views
More paintings of Hastings...
 "Days on the Stade"
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