Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Painting Brighton Pier 's Helter Skelter

Brighton Pier
Clear blue skies and bright sunshine took me off to Brighton last week. I live less than 20 miles away but I don't go there very often as it can get so busy! Now and again though I just can't resist a visit to the Pier.
To me it evokes childhood memories of candy floss, sticks of rock, ice cream and last but not least....the fun fair!  A whole world of colour, lights, music and excitement! New rides that make you scream, rides that scare you and nostalgic rides that make you smile.
The Carousel is wonderful, so beautifully painted and constructed and  little has changed over the years
The carousel on Brighton Pier
but what really caught my imagination was the Helter Skelter.
Brighton Pier's Helter Skelter
The pier just wouldn't be the same without it towering above the fair like a giant stick of seaside rock, brightly painted and covered in lights. The perfect Summer seaside subject .
It's not going to be easy to paint but it will be fun!
Work in progress ...     
                                                           "Helter Skelter"
                                 Acrylic on box canvas 18"x 24"x 1.5"
Painting the Helter Skelter day 1

 After sketching out the composition I have begun to block in the larger areas by applying 3-4 coats of paint. Once dry I can start to add the tones and details.
Progress on painting the shadows and text
 It's seemed liked slow progress today. I've started to add some shading and text. There is so much small detail that I cannot get it all in! It would be easier on a flat surface but then it would start to look photographic which I don't want. I like a painting to look like a painting :)
It should all start to come together more tomorrow.
Adding more detail
 Another long day painting today! There's so much detail but I'm now over half way so it won't seem so daunting from now on.
It's now 2 days later...I decided to knuckle down and until it was finished. It's not been an easy subject to paint on this scale, there's so much detail and not enough space! If I ever paint it again it will be on a 5ft high canvas!
So here we are...
                                                     "Helter Skelter"
                                              Acrylic on box canvas 18"x 24"x 1.5"
The wonderful Helter Skelter on Brighton Pier

   Back on the beach the Helter Skelter stands proudly in the distance on the end of the pier, the perfect view on a sunshine day :)
                                                       "Pier View"
                                           Acrylic on box canvas 12"x 16"x 1.5"
The deck chairs and Brighton pier

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