Saturday, 7 June 2014

"The Ploughing Match" Painting of Shire horses

The South Eastern Shire Horse Show May 2014
The May Bank holiday brought with it  beautiful sunshine, so we took the opportunity to visit the South Eastern Shire Horse show in Surrey.
The show fitted in well with my love of mixing modern day with nostalgia , it was a perfect chance to explore the wonderful array of subjects to photograph and inspire!.
 As my ancestors were all farmers  it was interesting to see some of the old agricultural methods being demonstrated, especially the heavy horses pulling the ploughs. They are magnificent animals and really looked spectacular dressed in all their finery and ornaments.
Shire horses taking part in the ploughing match
With so much choice it was hard to decide on which horses to paint but it was Sid and Sam that really caught my attention. Such rich chestnut colours adorned with blue and white plaits and shiny brasses.
                                           "The Ploughing Match"
                              Acrylic on canvas board 23"x 18"
Painting of the shire horses at the ploughing match
Close up and framed views of "The Ploughing Match"
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