Saturday, 12 July 2014

Painting Cuckmere Haven and the Seven Sisters

Some of my paintings of Cuckmere Haven and the Seven Sisters
Cuckmere Haven is one of my favourite places. The views over the sea against the backdrop of the Seven Sisters is stunning. So much colour and all so beautiful!
This is the fifth time I have painted a scene from the area and probably not the last.
I started my walk at Seaford beach climbing  up the steep slope of Seaford Head . Not exactly the easiest of walks but well worth the effort !
The walk along the cliff's edge was delightful, bright sunshine, warm breezes and an array of wild flowers to brighten my route
Walking along the cliff top at Seaford Head
The path took me past Hope Gap and on to the coast guard cottages at Cuckmere Haven and yet more wonderful views.

                                            "Cuckmere Haven"
                                         Acrylic on box canvas 32" x 16"x 1.5" 
Painting of the cottages and Seven Sisters

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