Tuesday, 19 August 2014

"Dray Days of Summer" Second painting of the Harveys brewery dray

Harveys dray and the John Harvey Tavern, Lewes, Sussex
I have decided to paint the Harveys brewery dray again but this time in front of the wonderful flint built building of the John Harvey Tavern in Bear yard, Lewes.
I was returning from a lovely Summer's walk to the top of Mount Caburn when I spotted the dray out side of the Tavern.
 Last time I painted them it was being pulled by Monty and Winston the beautiful shire horses. This time Monty was having a break as the roads were taking their toll on his hooves. His handsome stand in was called Guinness, a very apt name!
There's a lot of detail to go in to the painting not to mention all the flint on the walls! It will be an interesting challenge and a great subject to paint.
After sketching out the composition I have started work on the flint walls. There's quite a few bits and pieces to go on the walls so I need to get them painted and dry before I can add the hanging baskets etc.
Painting in the flint walls of the John Harvey Tavern

I've made a bit more progress today. The windows seem to be taking a long time so I've decided to flit back and forth so I don't get bored with one area.
I have also started to paint in where some of the other bits are going to go. There seems to be so many things to include and the more I study the photos I'm working from then the more I see!
 I hope to work on the horses tomorrow as they will take several layers to get the depth and colour that I want , but I also want to finish the tavern and paint the cart and the roof and.....and...and....
Work continues on the Tavern and begins on the dray
Busy day today! I have been painting for about 6 hours and have almost reached the half way mark.
It's good to get the horses started and to start adding some finer detail to other areas. A lot of shading has gone in today as well which starts to bring it to life...
Starting to paint in the horses and detail on other areas
I have spent today concentrating on the left hand side. I don't think there is much more left to do on the cart other than some small detail.
Painting in the cart
 Finally I have finished , it's been an interesting and enjoyable subject to and no doubt will not be the last time I paint it. Harveys also have a wonderful blue and red show dray that I would just love to paint!
                                           "Dray Days of Summer"
"Dray Days of Summer" Acrylic on canvas

   "Draught and Dray" http://paula-paintmyworld.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/draught-and-dray-painting-horse-drawn.html#.U_OIrWOFDIU

If you would like to know more about the Lewes breweries ten you might like to see this    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1088290864/ale-tales-ale-and-hearty-brewing-heritage-book
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