Friday, 17 April 2015

Painting the view from "Ditchling Beacon "

Ditchling Beacon, Sussex
I have been busy decorating the kitchen and Spring cleaning the house. I am on a mission to make everything shiny again after the bleak Winter months. It's lovely to get the house looking nice again but I was at a point where I needed a break from it, so last weekend we decided to make the most of the sunshine and headed off to Ditchling Beacon .
It was extremely windy but such a clear day that you could see for miles across the Sussex Weald.
At 248 meters above sea level it's the highest point in East Sussex and perfect views for a landscape painting!
My first day's painting concentrated on the background and marking in the main features...

Starting to paint Ditchling Beacon 
Today's session was to start work on the slopes of the South Downs and the fields. The trees and bushes have taken quite a while to paint in but it's now starting to come together.
Painting in the fields and slopes of the South Downs
I am now on the third day of painting and progress is now much slower while adding the detail to the gate and fencing
Making a start on the fencing
Just a few hours painting today, I don't do a lot on the weekends but I did make a start on the shadows. The Spring sunshine through the gate causes the shadows to curve and creep over the chalk track emulating the hills behind. It was this that was my initial inspiration to paint this view ...
Adding the shadows
Well the weekend came and went far too quickly! I have spent most of the day painting and have now finished. I hope you like it :)

                                      "Ditchling Beacon"
                      Acrylic on box canvas 24" x 18"x 1.5" 
Painting of the view from Ditchling Beacon, Sussex.
                                For sale
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