Monday, 22 June 2015

"Gulls and Groynes"

Cliffs and beach at Seaford in East Sussex
On my recent trip to Seaford I spent a while watching the seagulls on the cliffs and beach. I could spend hours watching them swoop and soar over the waves, even if they are rather noisy at times!
 It always amuses me the way that they each sit on top of the groyne posts as if they were put there specifically for them !
Seagulls on the groynes
 With the sunshine on the water and the gentle splashing and crashing of the waves it was picture perfect!
                                         "Gulls and Groynes"
                                 Acrylic on canvas 20"x 16" 
"Gulls and Groynes" Acrylic painting on canvas
....and further up the beach "Beach huts and boats"

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