Saturday, 13 June 2015

"Sea breeze over Seven Sisters" Acrylic painting on canvas

The Seven Sisters
There is one place that I never tire of visiting or painting and that is the wonderful Seven Sisters cliffs on the East Sussex coast.
As I mentioned in my last post the walk up Seaford Head leads you to the amazing views of the cliffs ahead.
The Seven Sisters from Hope Gap
The valleys in between the cliff tops are the "Sisters" and each brow has a name....
 I have painted these cliffs several times, each from a different angle...
Some of my paintings of The Seven Sisters at Cuckmere Haven
If you have Chromecast TV then you may have seen my previous one pop up on your screen now and then !
"Seven Sisters Summer"  Acrylic on canvas (Sold)
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This time I wanted to paint the view that greets you on the walk over the cliff tops from Seaford Head. It's a scene that just takes your breath away!
 In the Summer sunshine the chalk white cliffs look  magnificent against the blue skies and calm sea water.
 The colourful selection of wild flowers add to the overall beauty.
Wildflowers on the cliff tops
                           "Sea breeze over Seven Sisters"
                                                              Acrylic on canvas

"Sea breeze over Seven Sisters" Acrylic on canvas 

Close up view

Wall view

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