Sunday, 26 July 2015

"Down to Cricketing Bottom" Telscombe/Southease

  Southease to Telscombe, Sussex

I put a lot of thought into where my walks will take me. Good clear sunny days are quite  rare and I need to make sure I get as many good photos as possible so that I can keep painting on the rainy days too.
I thought this time that I would follow a circular route from the village of Southease.
The first mile was along the banks of the river Ouse , a nice flat walk before heading uphill  through banks of wild flowers.
Southease, Sussex
Skirting around the edge of Peacehaven  the views west towards Beddingham were delightful and a perfect spot for a quick break and to make sure I wasn't getting sun burnt!
Approaching the edge of Peacehaven.
 Next I headed off towards the village of Telscombe, a pretty little village nestled among the South Downs, just a short walk from the sea. Here splashes of bright red poppies lit up the fields and a vast array of wild flowers lined my pathway . (Another story for another day) .
Then it was all down hill...thank goodness! It wasn't a long walk, perhaps 4-5 miles , but climbing steep hills in the Summer heat can be hard work!
There ahead of me was my next painting...
a gleaming chalk track heading into a valley called "Cricketing Bottom"  A fabulous view greeted me looking towards Mount Caburn and the Sussex Weald whilst the fields were filled with an assortment of wild flowers and butterflies.
 The perfect spot for lunch and inspiration before heading off along the valley back towards Southease
                                   "Down to Cricketing Bottom"

Painting of the South Downs at Southease, Sussex. Acrylic on canvas

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