Saturday, 8 August 2015

Summer sun and seaside holiday fun !

Life's been really busy lately. I have been very fortunate and sold rather a lot of paintings, the man in the post office now greets me with "another one? " ....ha ha!
I have just completed a commission and about to start another one so I decided to have a painting break for a week and catch up on some other bits and pieces .
Now with all the little jobs done and not quite so hectic days I can have a bit of Summer fun !
I'm planning another beach trip soon, I love the colours and madness of the British seaside and want to make the most of it ! There's also the wonderful traditions such as fish 'n' chips, ice cream, sticks of rock, carousel rides, Helter Skelter and of course.....Punch and Judy !
I couldn't resist  painting the children waiting for the puppet show to start.
 The puppet tent took a lot of work so I was delighted that it sold within minutes of me putting it up for sale :)

                                            "Waiting for the Punch line" (Sold)
"Waiting for the Punch line" Acrylic on canvas

One of the wonderful things about the seaside, is that no matter how old you are, there is nothing quite like soaking up the Summer sunshine and just watching the World go by.....

                                  "Golden days and Silver surf"
                                Acrylic on canvas 20"x 16"
"Golden days and Silver surf" A fun colourful beach painting
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