Thursday, 28 January 2016

Sunset at Newhaven, Sussex
I don't often paint sunsets, it's a subject that's a bit overdone and not really my thing.
 However, after working on all the tiny detail of Brighton Pavilion ....
"Pavilion Pink and Ice Rink"
I wanted to paint something a bit simpler.
I was also looking for something that would not only be connected with Winter but also to fit in with my seaside collection of paintings.
There is something about the sea in Winter, it has a menacing air about it. The cold dark waters are are almost hypnotic .
Our trip took us to Newhaven, as it's a port it's not the prettiest of locations but it's easy for us to get to and ideal for taking sunset and sea photos for reference .
You can never tell how a sunset will develop but luckily for us it was just glorious!

" Then,
           for a brief moment,
                                       the skies turned to fire as the sun sank into the cold Winter sea" 

                                                            "Seaside Sunset" 
                                                             Acrylic on canvas 20"x 16"
"Seaside Sunset" Acrylic painting of the sunset at Newhaven, Sussex
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