Saturday, 8 October 2016

"Downland Haze" Painting the South Downs

Early Autumn on the South Downs in East Sussex
Autumn has arrived ! The trees are only just starting to change colour and the sun is still shining!
This time of year can be rather bland and colourless so my explorations they small ....took me to the South Downs at Berwick in East Sussex
Here a mixture of sea mists , low cloud and sunlight cover the South Downs with a soft  Autumn  haze.
The fields have been recently ploughed and I just love the white glow of the chalk soil !
Among the picturesque surroundings you will find the pretty little church of Berwick. If you are interested in the Bloomsbury Group then this church is a must !  
  They painted the interior with beautiful murals .....
Berwick church, East Sussex

Paintings at Berwick church
Any way....back to the painting. It's the chalk white views that really caught my eye and a lovely old farm cottage in the middle of it all set the scene perfectly!

                                            " Downland Haze"
                                Acrylic on canvas 24"x 18"
"Downland Haze" Autumn painting of the South Downs in East Sussex

This is the same place that I painted a couple of weeks ago but last time the view was from the top of the South Downs looking towards the house and church

                                                 "September Downs"
"September Downs" Acrylic painting of the South Downs at Berwick
Now, on another note, due to past problems (loss, damage etc ) I lost confidence in  shipping abroad. However there has been such a large amount of requests that I have now joined an online gallery that will deal with all the things that tend to stress me out . So please visit my gallery to see what's available ..... thank you ......
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