Friday, 3 March 2017

"Tracks to Blackcap"

"Blackcap" on the South Downs near Lewes, Sussex
The recent bleak weather meant that I hadn't been out walking for a while and although I don't mind staying in I finially reached a point where I just needed to escape outside.
Setting off from the outskirts of Lewes I headed west over the South Downs towards Blackcap.
It was a damp and foggy morning where the cloud covered slopes disappeared from view...
My path took me past the beacon at Mount Harry and on to the clump of trees at the top of Blackcap that were replanted to commemorate the coronation of queen Elizabeth in 1953.
At this point the sun started to break through so I decided to head on a little further onto
The South Downs Way . I had 2 choices, South towards Falmer or West towards Ditchling. I couldn't make up my mind so I walked a part way in each direction ....
The South Downs Way at Blackcap
The path ahead  towards Ditchling was very wet and didn't make for easy walking. I made slow progress, but looking back towards Blackcap I loved the way that the solid chalk track was patterned with a mixture of milky white puddles and cycle tracks . This I thought would be a good composition to paint :)
                                          "Tracks to Blackcap"
"Tracks to Blackcap" Acrylic painting 24"x18"
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