Saturday, 6 May 2017

Painting the bluebells

Bluebells in Sussex
Every year I tell myself that I'm not going to paint the bluebells and every year they look and smell so wonderful that I can't resist!
I don't want to paint the same old bluebell picture each year so my quest was to find a location that would give me a different composition to previous paintings.
This year I explored the woods that are situated just behind the Bluebell Railway (very apt) at Sheffield Park.
I set off  about 6.30 am so that I could catch the soft, early morning light. It was a lovely walk and I discovered 3 different woods each delightfully adorned with a scented carpet of blue!
Wapsbourne woods, Sussex
So....did I paint them?  Yes, in fact I painted two!

                                                  "Morning Blue" 
                                  24"x18" Acrylic on canvas
"Morning Blue" Painting the Bluebell woods in the early light
                                                        "Bluebell Days"
                                      12"x 10" Acrylic on canvas
Bluebell painting number 2 "Bluebell Days"
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