Friday, 14 July 2017

Painting Hastings Pier

Hastings Pier in East Sussex
I've waited a long time to be able to paint Hastings Pier!
It was opened in 1872 and closed in 2008 as it became unsafe. Plans were arranged for it's redevelopment but then in 2010  disaster struck and a devastating fire sadly destroyed 95% of it
2010, Hastings Pier on fire
Luckily, unlike some other piers, it was not left to slowly disappear into the sea and work was completed for it's reopening last year .
It's spacious new design means that it's an ideal location for a variety of events such as concerts, fairs etc .
Originally the huts were painted a depressing black!
But the people of Hastings ( known for their colourful enthusiasm to dress up and celebrate just about everything) complained and by popular demand the huts are now bright and seaside colours and look great!
Huts on Hastings Pier
My local beaches of Seaford and Brighton are made of pebbles so it was interesting to explore a beach  where wet sand and pools of water catch the reflections perfectly .
I loved this view as it seemed show how defiant Hastings Pier is.....long may it survive!

                                          "Pier Reflections"
"Pier Reflections" Painting of Hastings Pier
                                   Acrylic on canvas 18"x 24"x 1.5"
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