Saturday, 29 July 2017

South Downs Poppies

Poppies on the South Downs in Sussex

A beautiful sunny day in late June took me for a walk on the South Downs.
My plan was to start at Rodmell village , walk up Mill hill , and descend at Swanborough, then back to Lewes via the brooks ...
My route
At the top of Mill hill I joined The South Downs Way , here at the top is one of my favourite sign posts leading you to the Abergavenny Arms at Rodmell..
The sign at the top of Mill Hill
Then heading north  I couldn't help admiring the stunning views along the way. But the path is a concrete track and not easy on the feet!
Views from my walk on the South Downs
Arriving near the top of Swanborough Hill I noticed a track to my left and a white barn on the hill in the distance, I thought it would make a good place to stop for lunch .
From the barn the views headed south towards Rottingdean and Ovingdean , the sea lined the horizon and splashes of bright red poppies lit up the views!
Looking south the bright white chalk track contrasted brilliantly with the colours of the wild flowers !
Most of the fields this year are filled with crops of barley that gently sway in the coastal breeze, mimicking the waves of the near by sea .
It's hard to describe, but I have tried to capture it in my painting...

                                                 "South Downs Poppies"
                                                       Acrylic on canvas 18"x 24" 
"South Downs poppies" Acrylic painting
To capture the scene a little more I decided to paint a small picture of the view south overlooking the sea towards Rottingdean....
                                          "Poppies to the sea"
                                Acrylic on canvas 12" x 10" 
Painting the poppies on the South Downs
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