Sunday, 21 April 2013

"The Bulldog Blues" Still life painting with guitar

He's awoken  by the sound of the letterbox. There on the door mat is an envelope with just his name handwritten on the front. He opens it, it's from his girl friend. A short but precise note stating that the relationship is over.
 With the note is the door key and the ring she nagged him for all last Summer.
He knows there is no point in trying to change her mind, he's too proud to beg, too stubborn to admit he really cares. Anyway, it means he can now do as he pleases, a new found freedom.
 An indomitable bulldog spirit is all that's required.
 But deep down it hurts.
 So for now he'll pour a glass of good ale, pick up his guitar and compose himself  "The Bulldog Blues"
It was the label that first drew my attention to this bottle of beer. I love the design. Simple, fun and very British ! I don't usually like dark ales but in the name of art I thought I would just have to try it ;) I was pleasantly surprised, it's really smooth and fruity, no harsh after taste like so many of the dark ales. It's definately going back on my shopping list ! It's brewed by Nethergate Brewery in Essex. Check out their other beers here Nethergate Brewery 
Acrylic on box canvas, 20"x 24"x 1.5"
I've sketched up the composition using a simple grid and started to block in the background colour using 3 layers of paint...
I've now done more work on the background by putting in some texture and started the underpainting on other areas. The jumper and beer have been added as well. Made good progress today...
 I've started to build up the layers of colour on the guitar. More detail was added to the top left and I painted in the records ...yes..we still have records! ;) Not such a clear photo of it today....
The next step was to work on the denim, I also started the top of the guitar. I't begining to look like a picture now :)
 I've made good progress on the guitar today. It's taken ages to get the fiddly bits right but it's good to get them done. Still have a lot to do to the guitar but I really need it to dry overnight so I can add some more tomorrow ...
 I had a good day painting and managed to get it finished . Growler brewery love it ! :)
"The Bulldog Blues"
Acrylic on box canvas 20"x 24"x 1.5"
"Bull Dog Blues" still life with guitar


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