Saturday, 23 November 2013

"No-Ale, No-Ale" Painting with a little festive fun!

Newick village in the snow !
Well it's that time of year again when the weather forecasters start trying to predict what the Winter will bring. Some are saying it will be severe. This made me think about the consequences of such weather on our rural little village of Newick and I thought I would have a little bit of artistic fun.
 So wrap up warm and join me in a little festive Christmas carol ....

"No-Ale No-Ale No-Ale No-Ale,
We've drunk all the beer and we now have No- Ale!"

"There is no ale" the barman did say.
On a cold winter's night the snow's caused a delay.
The road's are all closed, "Oh no!" We did cry.
The bottles are empty, the barrels are dry!" 

                                          "No-Ale, No-Ale"
                                      Acrylic on stretched canvas 12"x 15"
Painting with a little Christmas cheer!

                   Cards available at Redbubble
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