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Monday 13 January 2014

"Days on The Stade" Painting the fishing boats on Hastings beach

Fresh fish for sale on The Stade, Hastings
At last the storms and gales seem to have gone! We've had some awful weather which caused so much damage , especially along the coast. The local news showed a video of part of the rock face at Hastings crumbling away into the sea.
 It reminded of the lovely day we spent there last year among the historic buildings and watching the mischievous seagulls gathering around the colourful fishing boats on  The Stade
I thought I would paint them again , this time on a bigger canvas,  something to brighten up the dull Winter days....

                               "Days on The Stade"
Painting the colourful boats on The Stade at Hastings

"Days on The Stade"
                                               Acrylic on box canvas 24"x 18"x 1.5"
More fishing boats of Hastings here

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