Friday, 21 February 2014

"Short Circuit" Still life fun with an Aston Martin !

Once again the bleak weather has held me captive in the house! Not to be beaten or down hearted I decided to have a little fun with a still life composition.
I have a very small model of a 1922 Aston Martin that I wanted to put into a painting
1922 Aston Martin model
 I don't know why.
 I just liked it and thought it's smooth, simply shape  would look good against a more geometric background.
I was looking for something equally as small and came upon an old lap top that had just what I needed. Lots of small circuits and components that I could "build" a race track and town to complete the scene.
It took quite a while to paint as the acrylic green is quite transparent.  I had to apply about 5-6 layers of paint to get the opaqueness that I wanted...
"Short Circuit" Work in progress
I was then able to build up the depth with washes of lighter and darker shades.
 When dry the details were added .
 Finally the shading and highlights brought it all to life.
                                                      "Short Circuit"
                                              Acrylic on box canvas 24"x 18"x 1.5"
Fun still life with Aston Martin

"Short Circuit" Wall view