Monday, 24 November 2014

"Winter Warmer" Winter/Christmas still life painting

As we approach December and the weather turns colder my thoughts are of Christmas and the dark Winter months ahead. I'm hoping that this year we shall see some snow and not have to endure the storms of last year.
There is something wonderful about wrapping up warm and walking through the freshly fallen snow. Perhaps it's the way that it reflects the light making everything seem brighter, or maybe the way that it absorbs sound, giving a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.
It all makes a Winter's walk quite magical, then, as the sun starts to sink in the sky and the cold chill wind sets in, it's good to return home and indulge in a little "Winter Warmer" ;)
                                   "Winter Warmer"
                                                 Acrylic on box canvas 18"x 14"x 1.5"
Winter still life painting. Acrylic on canvas 

"Winter Warmer" Bags, pillows, cards and prints

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